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Our Team


  Looking for like minded Zebras to help grow our community. To volunteer your time to our cause. Your stories , your research , your pictures! We want pictures of you in any form of zebra look , attire, shirts, stuff animals etc. 

 We are  also advocates of medical marijuana and have a personal story to tell about how it saved my life and helped me walk again! Go to and read my story!

 We are Looking for volunteers to help organize events, website work,etc. for the Human Zebras movement! This is finally a movement to give you as a victim of chronic pain and illness a voice!  Weather you are not finding answers or the right treatments, possibly you are being restricted from medication you know will work . We need your stories to help propel us forward! We want you to own the fact your mother gave birth to a ZEBRA!

We are looking for donations of money, zebra toys,to

 take to nursing homes and children's hospitals to let them know they found their herd too!

Text me at 727-458-5316 if you have interest in helping, or simply want to tell your story!

Please contact Jessica for questions about your donations!

Thank you, and remember it's not what you collect in this life that matters, it's what you do with your collections that make the world a better place!

Our History


Seeing a need for finding help for other human's like myself who don't have a voice or too weak to have one. Suffering financially , mentally, physically from a genetic or autoimmune diseases that we never asked for! There are answers , there are groups, there are funds and I want to help you find them! I was injured by a chiropractor 7 yrs ago and it changed my life! I became paralyzed on my right side after being an active young mother! It destroyed my life, changed my thinking, and gave me this new purpose after years of struggling with no hope! Going through something like this alone is the worst and hardest thing to do, so I want to help you find like mind Zebras! Help spread the word about conditions that others don't realize exist! Help change the position of the world and their views on as a community of Zebras what we need to survive, not what they tell us we need! Help us keep our organization going by donating here or purchasing Zebra items from our store! ALL PROCEEDS go to helping Human Zebras org stay alive and kicking for the support of our community!

Our Mission


 To take what is Known as a "ZEBRA" in the medical world and turn it into a movement! This is for all of the suffering humans in this world who can't find answers to their illness, or on the verge of suicide from it! For everyone who has a chronic illness that your Dr. can't seem to find answers for we want to give you the stage and tell us your journey so we can pass the torch on and on of answers, help, hope, need to try and stop these genetic mutations from taking a human and turning them into a Zebra!
I understand personally, I myself have been called a Zebra!

WE want you to now own the fact that your mother gave birth to a ZEBRA and take back control of your life now that your have found your herd! 

Our logo represents our community! Being a zebra where no two of us are alike in our same illness. The triangle represents that our world is not round like everyone else's. It's also to give hope because the pyramid is one of the strongest structures and we want you to get strong with our community! We know for many of us there is no cure , even at times no way to treat us, and it is hard to be that object of mystery at times! So if you can change your mindset to own the fact you are unique and you have a purpose, even a voice , that small fact can give you hope and strength in your journey! Once you can realize that you may not be like everyone else that everyone of your stripes tells your story you can then accept the fact that you are a beautiful creature unlike a Unicorn , but even better because your story makes you stronger ! Everyone else can keep looking for Unicorns, I'm searching for my Zebras!!!


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Tshirt with logo on the sleeve and "My mother gave birth to a Zebra"  on the front. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK text about large orders!

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